Clases magistrales maestro Frieder Bernius 27jul-1ago 2014 (Vaison la Romaine)

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El maestro Frieder Bernius dictará clases magistrales entre el 27 de julio y 1 de agosto de 2014, en Vaison-la-Romaine en conjunto con el coro de cámara de Stuttggart. Es una oportunidad única organizada por Choralies, miembro de la Federación Internacional para el Canto Coral, auspiciado por el programa Voice de la ECA-Europa Cantat. Para mas información ver.
Our organisation is very fortunate to organize, from July 27th to August 1st 2014, in Vaison-la-Romaine, a masterclass in choir conducting with Frieder Bernius and the Stuttgart Chamber Choir.
As you may imagine, it is not usual to have Frieder Bernius with his own professional choir in a summer course. I even think that it did happen since their participation in the IFCM World Symposium in Sydney in the '90s...
In addition, the artistic repertoire has been carefully chosen in order to offer an original program which will be perform in the closing concert of the class, as well as fitting the enormous talent of the singers:
J.S. Bach motet "Jesu meine Freude"
Carl-Christian Fasch "Missa a 16 voci" 
Clytus Gottwald arrangements for 8-16 solo voices (Debussy, Ravel)
In addition to its participation as drive choir in the masterclass, the Stuttgart Chamber Choir will offer its own concert in the cathedral of Vaison-la-Romaine, and of course, the participants will be invited!
We receive a subvention from the European Union under the "Voice" program of ECA-Europa Cantat for the masterclass, and this allow us to offer very attractive participation fee.

We think that this masterclass may suit yourself, or one of your close friends.
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Please forward the information on this very professional event to your network.
Promotional material and answers question available on simple request.

Kindest regards,
Jean-Claude Wilkens, 
À Cœur Joie Director
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