Colección de música Langgönser Chorblätter!

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Dear friends of choral music!

I would like to present you my collection of German folk songs. It's called "Langgönser Chorbuch"

The Langgönser Choir Songbook is a collection of German folk songs in a variety of different arrangements for children, women’s chorus, men’s chorus and mixed chorus.

The forms, structures, and harmonies, along with the comfortable vocal ranges found in these folk music arrangements allow for them to be easily set for a variety of different ensembles. These pieces were intended with traditional choirs who enjoy performing folk music, but are certainly suitable for an choir that would like to feature traditional folk music as part of their programming.

With the repertory chosen, I have attempted to assemble a cross section of the various German language folk song traditions, which are appropriate for different musical events and other gatherings. With my work on these songs, I would like to offer a small contribution to the folk tradition, with the hopes of furthering the performances of these musical gems and thus to keep them alive (and certainly without any ideological motivations or reactionary political intent).
Some Background Information

Langgöns is a town in the middle of Hessen, Germany and I have lived her with my family since 1979. I love my town and feel completely at home here!
During my 40-year career as a Choir Director, I closely observed and lived through the evolution of the changing choir scene, and indeed helped to contribute to that evolution myself. During this long career, I faced many challenges as I worked with many choirs, spanning the generations. And now, at the end of my career, I wanted to take this opportunity to refresh some of the folk music repertoire, a challenging task which I offer with humility and gratitude.

I hope that you will find one or more pieces in this collection of arrangements to be pleasing, and I wish you the very best as you come together to enjoy making music together as a choir and as a community.

The purchase of these Songbooks also includes the unrestricted right to duplicate the individual songs.

Please visit my hompepage. There you can download the sheet music for free.

Best regards!

Werner Jung-Faber 
Nelkenstraße 31
D 35428 Langgöns

Phone: +4964035891